About ARTiSTiC-i

ARTiSTiC-i is dedicated to improving artistic endeavor and promoting success with visual principles that lead to impactful artistic presentation. Whether the work at hand is painting, illustration, digital illustration, photography, or graphic design, understanding and applying visual principles of art and design enhances the artist's original vision and guarantees a clearer presentation. As artists, we know the value of seeing these principles at work in enviable great works of art, reference materials, or in the pieces we are creating. Whether you are a professional artist, student, teacher, or art director, we hope that the tools we've created will help you enhance your work and achieve your artistic vision.

The ARTiSTiC-i Team

Jay Bryant Ward - Founder, Principle Partner
Jay is a nationally recognized artist with works published, licensed, and distributed internationally. His constant curiosity with all things visual has lead him through careers as a designer, photographer, commercial illustrator, video game producer, and most notably his fine art career in oil panting. Additionally, Ward has shared his talents part time at a local college teaching both digital and traditional art. It was in this experience that ARTiSTiC-i was born. ARTiSTiC-i was inspired by a desire to overcome significant obstacles observed in both learning and teaching visual art and design. “It’s working. We’re very excited with ARTiSTiC-i's success in helping people with their art... And we’re just getting started...”

Robert Shawgo - Partner
Bob is the founder of The Shawgo Group. He is the heart of our marketing efforts, he developer of our early website and the primary developer of the system supporting our new ARTiSTiC-i online tools.

Bryan Morse - Partner
Dr. Bryan Morse is our imaging specialist and has been key to our success with the new online tools. Dr. Morse is an Associate Professor of Computer Science at Brigham Young University where he teaches courses on and conducts research in image processing and analysis, computer vision, and computer graphics. Dr. Morse holds a Ph.D. in Computer Science from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. He has previously worked for IBM participating in the development of image storage and retrieval systems and of educational software. He has also been a visiting researcher at the National Library of Medicine, with whom he still maintains collaboration. He has published more than 50 peer-reviewed papers in various areas of graphics, vision, and image processing, and he routinely serves as a reviewer for major journals and conferences in these fields. He also recently coauthored books on Multimedia Basics and on Photoshop published by Course Technology. (Add a self promo web link of your choice)

Mac Sims
Mac is our flex programming expert...

Andrew Landsman - Web & Database Security Programmer
Andrew is the newest member of the ARTISTIC-i Team. He is an expert web and database security programmer, Flash media developer, and search engine optimization consultant. Andrew participated in refining our new web presence. With more than 28 years of Internet and technology development, his experience ranges from graphic design and solid modeling to security consulting and network administration.

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"So helpful - It keeps things 'simple' yet helpful to the students - they can see the relevance and can solve their own problems - instead of me making all the suggestions..."

"I learned more about hue in 10min with ARTiSTiC-i than I did in my K-8 art classes."

"ARTiSTiC-i will help my student's finally 'see' what I've been trying to teach them about the elements and principles of art. áI'm excited to use this program with my art students - especially for my art critiques!"

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