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The Visual Solution for Art Education

ARTiSTiC-i was developed by a professional artist and tested it in a classroom setting with the goal of teaching and understanding principles of design with simplicity, efficiency, and visual clarity. Because these principles apply across the spectrum of visual media, the ARTiSTiC-i tools and methods apply to painting, illustration, photography, graphic design, and many other forms of visual art.

Clarity Simplicity Enlightenment

ARTiSTiC-i Software Tools illustrate important design principles in any image!

See and learn Value, Color Intensity, Hue, Edges, Line Composition, Warm and Cool Colors, and others. Compare the results to the original image including classic works, reference materials, or even a student’s own work!

ARTiSTiC-i Seeing System helps artists analyze images and improve thier own work!

The System is based on visual principles of perception, not creation process or technique, so the artist is empowered with visual tools for successful problem solving and enhanced ability for creative expression in whatever style they choose.

ARTiSTiC-i offers a visual and interactive experience that encourages exploration and discovery!

Critiques become more productive and students’ work improves. No more being “the bad guy”. With ARTiSTiC-i, you are can provide valuable insights clearly and effectively, and students are empowered with tools and solutions to achieve their artistic vision.

Try These Examples!
ARTiSTiC-i Online - Software Tool

Fine Art Example

VanGough Example
Van Gogh

Hue Intensity and Value
Intensity & Chroma

Design Problems
Design Problems

value shapes
Variety of "White"

painted sphere
Value Sphere

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ARTiSTiC-i is now available in an all new
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The ARTiSTiC-i Seeing System provides simplicity and clarity for your new ARTiSTiC-insights. Solve your design problems in four easy steps. Learn More »
"I've learned more in 2 hours than I did in the last 40 years of art teachers trying to explain this stuff!"

"A decent critique is a powerful learning tool and this allows the student to self-discover rather than me imposing my opinions."

"So helpful - It keeps things 'simple' yet helpful to the students - they can see the relevance and can solve their own problems - instead of me making all the suggestions..."

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